When did you fall out of love with life?

Let’s face it, life brings us tough lessons. We lose money, we lose partners, we end up staying in jobs too long or getting kicked out before we’re ready. Life can be tough.  Before we know it we’re compromising on our dreams and dimming our light, and all that remains is a faint hope that one day things might get better.

And that’s why you’re here. You want something more. You know your heart is calling, even if it’s so soft you can hardly hear it.

Life coaching with Russel Brownlee

Your heart knows you are being called to something more. Your heart is what makes you restless with dreams of love and greatness. It speaks softly, letting you know when it’s time to move or time to stay. Your heart is attuned to the greater purpose of your existence, and it is calling you right now.

I will use my years of experience in coaching, hypnosis, healing and meditation to help you hear the call and overcome the blocks and fears that inevitably arise when you enter the unknown. This is more than just positive thinking and unicorns – it’s real transformational work that engages body, mind and spirit.

Russel Brownlee life coach

Don’t waste another year trapped in your same old habits

Let’s face it, you don’t absolutely need a coach. You really could try to do it all on your own and stay in your own mind with your same old problems and habits, trying to figure everything out yourself. Kind of like a dentist trying to fix her own tooth. You could do that.

Or you could do it the fun, enjoyable, enlightening, challenging and inspiring way by hiring me as your life coach.

  • Quick insights
    A single 60-75 minutes coaching session. Ideal for an intro session or to gain clarity on one issue.
  • Rapid Breakthrough
    A block of 3 sessions of 60-75 minutes each. Ideal for breaking through on an issue and starting a new path.
  • Specialisation package
    A block of 3 sessions 60-75 minutes devoted to one of the following : The Passion Test (designing your ideal life), End Emotional Eating (resolving the inner conflict behind weight gain), Causeless Joy (the peace behind all appearances)
  • Writer coaching
    Ongoing coaching for writers. Includes two hours of coaching and text reviewing. Get that book published!

You’re really hard to convince … OK, let’s do a free 20-minute intro phonecall

I want to make you a promise. If you get coaching your life will change for the better.

It will change just like a sportsperson’s game changes dramatically when they get a coach. It will change because you’re going to get to a whole new energy level with a whole new perspective. It will change because, well, heck… it just will! If you’re still not sure, let’s do a quick no-obligation Skype call and see if we can get some shift going already.

Now stop reading and click the button below and let’s set up that meeting. Thanks 🙂

PS … my lovely book

Are you weary of the endless round of self-improvement and trying to get things right? Then I’ve written this for you. It’s an approach to accessing the powers of pure Presence and the part of you that knows it is already whole and complete. At some point, you just know that more success (even spiritual success) isn’t going to give you what you truly long for. If you’re at that point, try The Discovery of Causeless Joy now.

The Discovery of Causeless Joy, by Russel Brownlee
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