When did you lose your magic?

Let’s face it, life can be tough. Things don’t work out as planned, we lose things we want and get things we don’t want. Before we know it we’ve armoured ourselves and created a persona that cares only about winning and not getting hurt.

And that’s where you lost it – the power to dream and to follow the callings of your heart.

But it’s not gone forever.

You can get your magic back, you can harness the wisdom of all your experiences and get back in the game with more more purpose, clarity and ease.

All you need to do is connect with the power of your longing for something more. All you need is permission to dream big and to get the support in making a plan that brings that dream to life.

Life coaching and hypnotherapy with Russel Brownlee

What is your true calling?

You do know what your true calling is – you just haven’t given yourself permission to dream a big enough dream and to follow the path that makes your heart sing. But that’s about to change.

If you feel the call to dream big and to cut through your limitations so you can own the life of prosperity and fulfilment you were born for, let’s connect and make it happen.

Don’t waste another year trapped in your same old habits

Let’s face it, you don’t absolutely need a coach. You really could try to do it all on your own and stay in your own mind with your same old problems and habits, trying to figure everything out yourself. Kind of like a dentist trying to fix her own tooth. You could do that.

Or you could do it the fun, enjoyable, enlightening, challenging and inspiring way by hiring me as your life coach.

Latest news

Overcome internalized racism self-hypnosis mp3Can one be hypnotised not to be a RACIST? 

Well, this wasn’t something I thought about until a friend of mine made a suggestion to Hypnosisdownloads.com that they should produce a self-hypnosis recording that could help us get rid of internalised racism. And they loved the idea. The result is the following hypnosis audio:

Download: Overcome Internalized Racism self-hypnosis session

The subject immediately grabbed attention in good old South Africa and I found myself featured in a Sunday Times article and even a radio interview (which I’ll post as soon as I’ve got the recording). So, if you want to start changing the way you think about other races, give the internalized racism self-hypnosis audio session a try.

PS … my lovely book

Are you weary of the endless round of self-improvement and trying to get things right? Then I’ve written this for you. It’s an approach to accessing the powers of pure Presence and the part of you that knows it is already whole and complete. At some point, you just know that more success (even spiritual success) isn’t going to give you what you truly long for. If you’re at that point, try The Discovery of Causeless Joy now.

The Discovery of Causeless Joy, by Russel Brownlee