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I know what’s holding you back – the 3 challenges that stop you going for your dreams

Is there some big change you want to make in your life?

Do you wish you had the courage to just go out and do it?

So what’s holding you back?

Let me tell you what I think it its.

For many of us, the most difficult part of making any change is actually putting it into action. We’re OK with working on the vision and devising a plan, but when it comes to actually showing up to that plan and doing the physical work we fall apart. And that’s when we start blaming ourselves for being failures and not being strong enough to succeed.

What we’re not seeing is that to make any significant change we’re going to have to leave some of our comfort zones, and that’s going to feel threatening. No matter how strong we are, aiming for something big is going to force us to confront our hidden beliefs and limitations. There are at least three significant challenges we can expect to face when actioning our plans:

  • Values conflicts (we believe we have to do something contrary to our values in order to succeed, for example by becoming greedy)
  • Shadow aspects (disowned aspects of our personalities that need to be integrated, for instance our disowned greed)
  • Thresholds (limiting beliefs about ourselves, for instance that success is not for us)

Once you can name these challenges they become less threatening and you can actually see them as the profound growth opportunities they really are. In order to proceed with your plan you will need to do some inner work to recover and awaken the success which is already within you. It is your already-existing success and greatness that is calling to you with this dream you want to achieve. All that has to happen is for the shell of your old ideas and limitations to crack wide open so that the greatness that’s already there can be released.

The main point is this – expect the challenges to arrive and don’t see them as a case of something you’re doing wrong; see them as evolutionary growing pains that are necessary and ultimately beneficial. By struggling with your limitations you go deeper into yourself and discover that in you which is unlimited. The struggle is not a distraction from the way – it is the way.

So, are you stalling at getting your inspired plans into action?

Spend some time inquiring into what values might be in conflict, which limiting beliefs are being tested, and which shadow parts are coming forward for integration. Then see how the way opens up.

And, of course, it all goes easier with some coaching. Do call me if you could do with some support in this regard.


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