About Russel Brownlee

For a long time my passion has been creativity and writing, and this quest for artistic inspiration has developed over the years into a deep concern with the working of consciousness and spirit – with inspiration in its broadest sense.

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My work is centered on creating the shifts of consciousness required to access the deeper levels of our being where all healing and creativity reside. These empowered levels of being are also where we gain the inspiration and strength to work more effectively and to become leaders and motivators of others.

My passion is self-actualization – the drive to go beyond simply having more and getting more to living a full, conscious and emotionally rewarding life. I believe that everyone wants to self-actualize, whether they know it or not.

As your coach and inspiration specialist I will work with you to dive deep into the incredible mystery of your life and find the adventure you long to live. I’ll hold a mirror to the places where you keep yourself back and limit yourself with old beliefs. I’ll challenge you when you downplay your talents and deny your dreams. And I’ll invite you to dream big so you can receive the vision of your most inspired and most rewarding life. Then we’ll put all of that into an action plan and take real steps towards making your dreams a reality.

I sincerely look forward to working with you on this path.

Professional Qualifications:

SA Institute of Hypnotism member


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