Coaching to manifest your reality

‘Praying rain’: The lost art of faking it till you make it

How do we create the life we desire?

In his book Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, scientist and spiritual teacher Gregg Braden describes the moment the penny dropped and he really got how manifestation and prayer worked. An American Indian friend of his was doing a rain ceremony to break a drought in an area of New Mexico. Greg asked his friend if he had been praying for rain, but his friend said no, he was praying rain.

At first Gregg thought it was an innocent grammatical mistake, and he tried to correct him, saying, “You mean, you prayed for rain.”

“No,” he said. “I prayed rain.” Read more

What stops you manifesting success

The 3 Days of Creation – Why Most of Us Fail at Day 2 (and the one insight you need to break through it)

Have you ever been fired up with an idea or vision and run with it for a while, only to have it crash or meet a whole load of obstacles? Or have you made some kind of powerful transformational change where you really knew that things would be different and that life would get better, only to be hit with more challenges and feel you’re worse off than before? Read more

What you seek is within you

Why does ‘the shift’ feel so sh*t?

People are talking about a global shift in consciousness, but when we look at the world and at our personal lives there seems to be a fair amount of challenge and disruption going on. I know some people are having a great time, but many feel they are losing their way and that things are happening that shouldn’t be. Read more

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it. Eckhart Tolle quote

Hypnotised by appearances – why you should never judge yourself by your life circumstances

Did you wake up this morning feeling low? Or have you been through a slump recently?

I’ve realised that when I get into a slump it’s usually because I’ve been focusing on the circumstances of my life and judging myself harshly because things aren’t going the way I want them to. I fall into the trap of thinking that “things not working out” means there is something wrong with me or that I am failing in some way. After all, it’s how we’ve been taught to think – if something is broken, we must fix it, including ourselves! Read more

Let your dreams take flight

I know what’s holding you back – the 3 challenges that stop you going for your dreams

Is there some big change you want to make in your life?

Do you wish you had the courage to just go out and do it?

So what’s holding you back?

Let me tell you what I think it its. Read more

When days are dark and happiness escapes you, do one thing in favour of your values.

When days are dark (and happiness escapes you)

When days are dark and happiness escapes you, do one thing in favour of your values.

When days are dark, and happiness escapes you

do one thing in support of your deeper values.

Love, play, rest, walk, meditate, give.

Happiness and sadness come and go, but your values arise from your soul, from that in you which is constant and true. Read more

I am enough, I have enough, I am already everything I seek

How to know you already have it all – despite what society tells you

We all seem to be missing something.

Things don’t work out, we don’t get what we want, and we end up frustrated or in some kind of emotional pain. This pain seems to be confirming that we really don’t have what we’ve been looking for. Something is missing that we just can’t find.

That’s the conventional wisdom, and it goes like this:  Pain and frustration indicate things that are missing from our lives. And the prescribed cure is to go out and get those missing things in order to be complete. The pain of having little money means we must go out and get more money. The pain of being single means we must go and get a partner. The pain of being overweight means we must get thin. Read more

Three things you can always change about your experience

No matter how crap it gets, there are three things you can always change

Are life coaches allowed to admit they sometimes feel like crap? Well now I’m admitting it. Sometimes I get hit with something that really floors me and I begin to doubt all my abilities. No matter how good I get at coaching and self-empowerment, problems still show up. “What am I doing wrong?!” Read more

Yoga on the lawn at Fynbos Estate, Malmesbury

Yoga and coaching retreat a great success!

My good friend Yogi Johann invited me to be part of a yoga retreat he organised, and I thought it would be the ideal place to try out some of the processes from my book The Discovery of Causeless Joy on a live audience.

And judging from the reactions of participants, it was a great success. Read more

A;l my life my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name - Andre Breton

Whatever you do – don’t follow your heart!

How many times have you got the message that if you just follow your heart you’ll step forth into a life of of success and bliss? If you spend much time on Facebook you’ll probably see messages to this effect being posted several times a week. It’s really easy to tell people to follow their hearts, but it’s rather more difficult to do in practice. Read more