What you seek is within you

Why does ‘the shift’ feel so sh*t?

People are talking about a global shift in consciousness, but when we look at the world and at our personal lives there seems to be a fair amount of challenge and disruption going on. I know some people are having a great time, but many feel they are losing their way and that things are happening that shouldn’t be. Read more

When days are dark and happiness escapes you, do one thing in favour of your values.

When days are dark (and happiness escapes you)

When days are dark and happiness escapes you, do one thing in favour of your values.

When days are dark, and happiness escapes you

do one thing in support of your deeper values.

Love, play, rest, walk, meditate, give.

Happiness and sadness come and go, but your values arise from your soul, from that in you which is constant and true. Read more

Three things you can always change about your experience

No matter how crap it gets, there are three things you can always change

Are life coaches allowed to admit they sometimes feel like crap? Well now I’m admitting it. Sometimes I get hit with something that really floors me and I begin to doubt all my abilities. No matter how good I get at coaching and self-empowerment, problems still show up. “What am I doing wrong?!” Read more

A;l my life my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name - Andre Breton

Whatever you do – don’t follow your heart!

How many times have you got the message that if you just follow your heart you’ll step forth into a life of of success and bliss? If you spend much time on Facebook you’ll probably see messages to this effect being posted several times a week. It’s really easy to tell people to follow their hearts, but it’s rather more difficult to do in practice. Read more

When in doubt, follow the heart

6 Ways you give yourself the wrong advice

Today I have been wondering about inner guidance. I know I’d like more of it, but I’m sometimes not quite sure if I’m hearing my inner wisdom or my inner fear. How does one tell the difference?

I have learnt that our inner being, which is the wisdom of the heart, is usually the quieter voice. It’s often drowned out by insistent directions from the fearful ego. So here is a list of 6 forms of guidance I believe your wise and compassionate inner being will never give you: Read more

The gift of the unsolvable problem

The purpose of failure is to point to that in you which can never fail

What’s the one issue in your life that never seems to come right?

You know how you think you’ve got life sorted and everything is great, and then out of the blue that issue hits you and smacks you back down again?

I used to think I was the only one who had these, but then I realised most other people do as well. For many of us, there’s that one life issue that keeps tripping us up no matter what we do to try and fix it.

Until recently I believed that this constant failure was a sign that we needed to do more work until we got the issue fixed once and for all. But now I’m looking at things a bit differently. What if that one consistent weak point in your armour is not because of something you are doing wrong, but because this is where life is trying to give you some precious gift? Read more

How to have a conversation with God

Conversation-with-god-2Would you like to be able to receive inspired wisdom from within?

Would you love to invite divine guidance into your life?

There is a source of wisdom and power in your life that is far beyond what your mind can conceive. Some call it God. You could also call it Universe or Life or higher self or Being. If you are of more scientific persuasion you could call it the implicate order.

This source is always communicating with us.  The question is not, “Does God speak to us?” but rather, “How may we listen?” Read more

The wisdom of not-knowing

Sometimes the answer is that there is no answerToday I am wrestling with a question and find myself asking, What must I do? What must I do?

I am seeking answers but finding none. This feels uncomfortable and unsatisfying.

But now, when I become still and observe this state of ‘no-answers’, a radical idea comes to me: Perhaps I do not need to know anything.

After all, am I really separate from Life? Is there really an ‘I’ over here who must find an answer over there?

All I really know is that this moment is full of questioning. If I must wait for an answer I am saying God must wait, for there is nothing other than God, nothing other than Life. God is asking what God must do. What a joke!

As it turns out, I am the one in whom this joke is enacted.

I offer myself to this masquerade. What must I do? What must I do?

I live ‘in the Now’ – but then stuff happens and I fall out of it

This is the nowHave you tried to ‘Be in the Now’ – only to be derailed by emotions and troubling thoughts?

If so, you’re not necessarily doing it wrong. It’s a common misperception that being in the Now means feeling blissful and at peace all the time. Actually, being in the Now simply means being aware of all that is happening right now, and not being attached to it. When we want the Now to be only blissful and peaceful, we have attached to these qualities and excluded other qualities. The fact is that pain and pleasure alternate in our lives, and the best way to stay out of the Now is to try to have all of one and none of the other.

The real bliss of the Now is discovering that even though there might be a feeling of sadness, loss, vulnerability or anger within you, it does not define you or say anything about who you are. You are the noticing space in which these feelings come and go. You are also not your thoughts. Don’t let a busy mind convince you that you are not in the Now. The Now includes both busyness and rest.

What does the Now really feel like?

The Now is simply being aware of your own consciousness in this moment and all that is happening within it. If anger or sadness are arising, just notice it and don’t buy into it. If happiness is arising, notice it and don’t buy into it. This is not about withdrawing from the world, it’s simply about withdrawing your identification with whatever is happening. You are not happy or sad. Happiness and sadness are arising within you. In this moment, you are free of either of them.

So try this now. Become aware that you are reading. Notice your inner state. Notice whatever else might be happening in the room. Become aware that you are aware. This noticing awareness is your true nature. Within this awareness all things come and go. If anger or sadness arise, do not fight them. Just notice them, and stay open to what needs to be done.

The master is not the one who has organised her life so that it includes only blissful and happy things. She is the one who has learned that she is OK no matter what is happening. You can be that master right now. Give it a try, now.

The Law of Attraction – why it won’t give you what you want

A dissident view on the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction - a dissident viewMost of us will have heard of the Law of Attraction, perhaps through the movie The Secret or the many books on the subject. Essentially, the law says that you attract into your life whatever you focus on. A whole industry has grown up around teaching people how to use the Law of Attraction (LoA) to manifest their desires and create anything from wealth to the perfect partner. Mastery of the LoA has become a spiritual goal in itself. Read more