How to use imagination to create trance

How to trick your mind into creating a healing trance

What is a healing trance? It’s really just a physical and mental state in which your inner critic quietens down a bit and lets your inner positivity shine through.

How do we get the inner critic out of the way? Well, every school of hypnosis has its own methods. One of the most popular is simply to suggest that someone relaxes deeply. So people using this method will tell their clients (or themselves) something like, “You are relaxing so deeply, every breath relaxes you more and more…” Read more

When in doubt, follow the heart

6 Ways you give yourself the wrong advice

Today I have been wondering about inner guidance. I know I’d like more of it, but I’m sometimes not quite sure if I’m hearing my inner wisdom or my inner fear. How does one tell the difference?

I have learnt that our inner being, which is the wisdom of the heart, is usually the quieter voice. It’s often drowned out by insistent directions from the fearful ego. So here is a list of 6 forms of guidance I believe your wise and compassionate inner being will never give you: Read more

New Year’s Resolutions 2015 – Allow intention to find you

What's your vision for 2015? How to let intention find you. Isn’t it interesting how a short break gives us a chance to start thinking differently about our lives. For many of us, 2014 was quite challenging, with lots of our issues are being brought up to the light to be seen and transformed. It seems we are being asked to go deeper into what it really means to be ourselves and to live authentically.

One great way to do this is to take some time to discover the deeper intention that is guiding your life. A lot of coaches and motivational speakers talk about “setting your intent” and “creating goals”, but I like to take a softer approach. For me, intention is not something you have to go out and get – it’s something that is already within you. Intent is calling to you from within. Read more

The gift of the unsolvable problem

The purpose of failure is to point to that in you which can never fail

What’s the one issue in your life that never seems to come right?

You know how you think you’ve got life sorted and everything is great, and then out of the blue that issue hits you and smacks you back down again?

I used to think I was the only one who had these, but then I realised most other people do as well. For many of us, there’s that one life issue that keeps tripping us up no matter what we do to try and fix it.

Until recently I believed that this constant failure was a sign that we needed to do more work until we got the issue fixed once and for all. But now I’m looking at things a bit differently. What if that one consistent weak point in your armour is not because of something you are doing wrong, but because this is where life is trying to give you some precious gift? Read more

How to have a conversation with God

Conversation-with-god-2Would you like to be able to receive inspired wisdom from within?

Would you love to invite divine guidance into your life?

There is a source of wisdom and power in your life that is far beyond what your mind can conceive. Some call it God. You could also call it Universe or Life or higher self or Being. If you are of more scientific persuasion you could call it the implicate order.

This source is always communicating with us.  The question is not, “Does God speak to us?” but rather, “How may we listen?” Read more

Coach reveals the secret of happiness!

The secret of happiness Be warned …

in this article I am going to give you the answer to every question you have ever asked. I am going to reveal the secret of happiness!

Are you ready?

All right. Let’s begin with what we know: We are all seeking happiness. But for most of us it’s always a happiness deferred. We reach a semblence of it for a while, and then something happens and it’s gone again. And so we set out on the search for that elusive thing that will bring us what we feel we need in order to be happy.
If this is what you are doing, then welcome to the Happiness Trap! Read more

Is being positive really about being happy all the time?

Being positive is not about being upbeat the whole timeAs a coach and avid student of personal development I have spent a lot of time and money learning how to be happy. I studied the Law of Attraction and set about changing my bad feelings into good ones. I learnt how to use focusing and breathing practices to banish my stress and lift my moods.

I learnt countless other ways of smoothing out the ups and downs of life … but still somehow it seemed I was failing. Chaos still happened, and happiness was short-lived and required constant work.

Do you ever feel the same? No matter how hard you try- you just can’t get this happiness thing right. Some days are diamonds, and some days are dust.

Then I discovered the fatal error I was making. Read more

Why your true calling scares you

Caterpillar, do no resist. Something unimaginable awaits you.

Imagine for a moment that you are a life coach for animals and creepy crawlies. One day, a lovely, hairy caterpillar comes to your office looking a bit stressed and forlorn. As a good coach, you ask what’s bothering Ms Caterpillar and begin to inquire into her life goals. She confesses she has been a high-achiever caterpillar – an A-type caterpillar – and has worked her way up the caterpillar ladder to be one of the foremost lady caterpillars of the forest.She had her sights set on even greater achievements, but lately she has been feeling really demotivated. The things that used to inspire and excite her no longer do. She’s fallen into a rut. Even her appetite seems to have disappeared! If she’s really truthful, she confesses, she’s begun to lose all interest in being a caterpillar and has this huge urge to just spin a coccoon and lie there for a while and do nothing.

So here’s the question: Do you continue trying to coach Ms Caterpillar on how to get her caterpillar mojo back? Or do you subtly suggest that this rut she’s fallen into might not be such a bad thing after all? Read more

Where is the hiding place of joy?

Joy requires no reason for its existence - it is here right nowWhat needs to change in your world for you to experience true joy?

Maybe all this changing is part of the problem.

Maybe it keeps you away from what is already here.

Try this: First, do nothing. Read more

Why you haven’t heard from me

What you seek is alredy within you

My rather long absence

When I first started out as a coach and therapist I put a lot of energy into sending newsletters and writing blog posts. But somewhere along the way I stopped doing that. I went absent from my own business.

So what was happening? Read more