The Law of Saving

A great friend of mine told me a long time ago that I needed to save 10 percent of my income every month if I wanted to achieve financial security. He worked in money and knew what he was talking about, but I had to restrain myself from grabbing him by the throat and demanding he tell me how on earth I could afford to save. There just wasn’t a single cent to spare, and I remember my great frustration at trying to find what else I could cut from my budget to try and make saving a possibility. I was in survival mode, and saving was a luxury for more fortunate people. Read more


People who don’t suffer from a phobia have a hard time imagining just how some innocuous object or animal can evoke such a profound state of fear and panic in a phobic person. What’s so scary about a feather or a mouse? Well the phobic person won’t be able to tell you either – all they know is that the object of their phobia creates off-the-scale levels of fear and loathing.

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Intention is the first act of creation. We reach inside and gain clarity on who we are and what we are here to do, and then we intend that this life comes into existence. Intention is the conscious declaration of what it is that we stand for, what it is that we are going to bring into the world.

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Stop smoking

Smoking is largely a deeply embedded habit triggered by some known or unknown patterns or situations that are so strong that willpower and discipline alone are often not enough to change. This is where hypnosis comes in – to understand and change these habits in your subconscious mind.

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Past life regression

Exploring past lives with hypnosis

“Knowledge erases Karma”

The art of the hypnotherapist is to help the client discover the true cause of any unwanted behaviour. All behaviour has a cause, and sometimes one needs to look further than this life in order to find it.

Nobody can say with absolute certainty that reincarnation either happens or that it doesn’t happen. How would you actually go about proving it either way in a manner that was beyond dispute? The simple truth is that we don’t know what happens after death or before life, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop working with the concept of past lives. Read more

Fear of flying

End your fear of flying with hypnosis

I didn’t realize fear of flying was such a common problem until I started getting a steady stream of clients who were severely hampered by this phobia.  Read this article I wrote a while back on the causes and treatment of fear of flying:

A fear of flying is a level of anxiety so great that it prevents a person from travelling by air, or causes great distress to a person when he or she is compelled to travel by air. The most extreme manifestations can include panic attacks or vomiting at the mere sight or mention of an aircraft or air travel. – Wikipedia

If you are avoiding flying because the idea of getting into a plane is just too terrifying, then perhaps now is a good time to uncover the causes and bring your apprehension down to a more manageable level. We know that the fear response, when working properly, is an amazing function that fires us up and gets us in a position to either fight or to run like hell. It gets us out of scary places when we need to get out, and when the danger is over the system returns to normal and all is well. The problem comes in when, for some reason, we rev too high with the fear, or we rev to an appropriate level but then forget to turn off the response when the danger is past.

Fear of flying is an excessive response to a situation that should more appropriately cause something like mild apprehension or, well, no discernable reaction at all. Once you’re in the plane there’s nothing much you can do about what happens, so you might as well relax and enjoy the flight. But if you can’t do so, then something is happening that is triggering the fight or flight response. Perhaps you had a bad experience on a flight once, or perhaps you suffer from claustrophobia or from the fear of losing control. Whatever the cause, we can find it using hypnosis and then “reset” the body and mind so that a more appropriate reaction is given.

Treatment using hypnosis will involve discovering whatever causes might be at work, and it will also involve mental rehearsal of pleasant flight experiences to create new neural pathways associating flight with excitement, adventure, or other positive effects. Immediate relief can be expected from the very first session, but it’s best to factor in at least three to five sessions to really get those new, fearless, habits anchored in your body and mind.

Self-hypnosis MP3 downloads

You can use self-hypnosis to program your subconscious mind with new, fearless thought-patterns.  The more times your subconscious mind hears a particular message, the more it accepts it. I recommend these professionally produced MP3 downloads:

Overcome Fear of Flying

Control Fear and Anxiety


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