What do life coaches do?

Picture of happy people illustrating Life coaching and performance coaching

A life coach is someone who can help you connect with your goals and values so you can live a more productive and more satisfying life. Just about any area of your life where you feel blocked or unsatisfied or just plain confused can be helped by coaching. Here are just some of the reasons people might seek out a life coach:

  • improvement of sports and business performance
  • chronic health problems
  • finding direction in life
  • overcoming grief and depression
  • relationships
  • writer’s block

Discover your life purpose

Many of our feelings of sadness and frustration come about through us not recognising our true purpose in the world. How often have you heard people saying they wish they could find their passion, they wish they knew what they were here to do? Many of us are in this situation, and it is a painful place to be. Coaching works on the assumption that everyone has something special to contribute to the world, and it is the coach’s work to help the client find this special “something” and to make it real.

Often we know exactly what it is we’d like to do with our lives but we are thwarted by “the facts of life” – all those mundane, sensible things that demand our attention and give us no time to do what we feel we should be doing. A life coach can help you find your own way out of this state of deadlock and step into a world of possibility. You have all the answers to every question that comes to you.

Coaching methodology

As a coach, I use skills drawn from fields such as neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy, and sports coaching to help clients connect with their true sources of power. Coaching techniques are also very effective in helping people deal with chronic health issues such as allergies, migraines, and cancer. Healing begins when the true cause of the condition is uncovered and the client is helped to reconnect with their natural healthy state. A cure might not always be possible, but healing always is.

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