Do you need a life coach in Cape Town?

Russel Brownlee Cape Town life coach

I use coaching, hypnotherapy and EFT to help people reconnect with their inner values and goals so they can live a life of greater reward.

All too often we find ourselves frustrated or blocked in living our purpose. We feel there is something more we could be doing, but we don’t know what it is or how to get there. This is where you need a good life coach to help you get the energy flowing again. That feeling of being blocked or depressed or frustrated is the result of a false belief about ourselves that we picked up as part of our early conditioning. Typical limiting beliefs include:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I don’t deserve success
  • I mustn’t do better than my parents
  • I’m not responsible/attractive/intelligent enough
  • I’ve done something bad
  • I’m unlovable
  • I don’t know who I am – I am insignificant

These are some of the primal beliefs that underlie our personalities. Essentially they are all about separation – the belief that we are lacking in the goodness, power, abundance and good fortune that we seek.

The task of a life coach is to help you identify these limiting beliefs and then to help you shift perspective to access a more unified vision of yourself. The changes actually alter the neural connections in your brain – opening new pathways for more empowered behaviours and allowing disempowered behaviours to fade away.

Call Russel Brownlee now for life coaching in Cape Town. If you live further afield, we can do this work by skype.