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EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a form of Energy Psychology that blends hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and acupressure into a simple yet powerful process for unlocking and resolving the causes of stress and trauma.

What is EFT and how does it work?

EFT involves tapping on acupuncture points with your fingers while you bring to mind the stresses and negative thoughts you want to release. The action of tapping on the points does two things:

  • It sends calming signals to the brain that then recalibrates those negative emotions to more comfortable levels.
  • It guides us into a calm, focused state in which the forgotten or suppressed events responsible for the stress are revealed and made available for resolution.

EFT begins with the principle that all symptoms (emotional or physical) are the result of disruptions in our energy fields. In our essence we are whole and complete, but various traumas and negative experiences from the moment we are born (and even before) create blockages in our energy fields. We feel these blockages as repeated negative patterns, thoughts or emotions.

EFT accesses pre-conscious memories

Most of these traumas happen to us before the age of 6. Why this age? Well, before this we live mostly in theta and alpha mind rather than the beta mind that is associated with conscious thought. Alpha and theta are slow brainwave functions, exactly what you get when you enter a state of hypnosis. So children, in effect, are in a permanent state of hypnosis – they accept whatever you tell them. If you tell them Father Christmas is real, they believe you. Now this innocence and lack of judgment makes children super quick at learning new things, but it also means that what gets learnt tends to really go deep into the mind. Think of how kids pick up languages so easily – the language becomes part of the deep operating system of the mind. This is all well and good when the learnings are positive – but not so good when the learning is negative.

If a child picks up the message that they are unwanted, unloved, bad, unworthy, clumsy, ugly, stupid or anything else negative, they will make this a part of their identity, and no amount of talk therapy later in life is going to convince them otherwise. This is because talk therapy operates almost exclusively in the conscious mind (beta mind) while the trauma or negative learning was made in alpha or theta. To uncover and resolve that negative learning you need modalities like hypnotherapy or EFT that get below the thinking mind into the subconscious body-mind.


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Rapid trauma resolution … Watch this powerful video showing EFT being used on war veterans with PTSD

Applications of EFT

EFT offers the possibility of profound transformation in a very short time. It works excellently on issues like:

  • Health – exploring and resolving the emotional issues relating to chronic physical conditions (eczema, IBS, impotence, frigidity, cancer, etc) Disclaimer
  • Emotional issues – uncovering and processing life issues relating to depression, anger, hypersensitivity, etc Disclaimer
  • Self-worth – identifying and clearing the limiting beliefs that result in esteem issues
  • Abundance – resolving the mistaken beliefs that lower our point of attraction, limiting our ability to manifest love, wealth and happiness
  • Relationships – uncovering the hidden causes behind repeated bad experiences in love and romance
  • Spiritual enlightenment – clearing the negative beliefs that keep us separate from God/All that is
  • Self-growth – discovering the lessons behind our traumas and frustrations

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…. take a look at some more videos showing EFT in action.

And finally … one of the best things about EFT is that it can be done over the phone – so help is at hand no matter where you live!

So … are you tired of suffering all that physical and emotional pain? Give me a call and we’ll start the process of rediscovering emotional freedom now.

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