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I recommend these self-hypnosis MP3 sessions from as a great way to coach yourself to positive change. Listening to self-hypnosis recordings allows the message to sink into the subconscious mind where it takes effect and creates lasting change. These recordings use powerful NLP and hypnotic language techniques to help you access your mind’s power to change.
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Be more centered

On good days, life’s little ups and downs don’t feel overwhelming. But on bad days, little things set you off. You snap at your partner or get road rage or you worry about stupid things. So, what if there was a way to have fewer wobbly days and more centered ones? What could you accomplish and how much better would you feel if your emotions hardly ever threw you off course?
Tune into your calm core by downloading Be More Centered for $14.95

Get your Be more Centered download now

Get your Be more Centered download now

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