The Love Diet - personal weight loss coaching


You don’t need more diets – you need more love and appreciation

This is a weight-loss and food-issue approach with a difference. It’s not about helping you to count calories or find new ways to restrict your food intake. It’s not about forcing yourself into someone else’s idea of how you should look or what you should weigh.

As a hypnotherapist and coach I know that the worst thing you can do for your inner mind (subconscious) is to impose restrictions on it. Your inner mind is like a child – it doesn’t need force and restriction, it needs love and appreciation. You see, weight loss is not about food, it’s about your relationship with food. And that relationship simply isn’t fixed by dieting.

The real issue … stress

If you are overweight and you’ve tried all sorts of diets, then you might be relieved to hear that your failure to lose weight is not because you have failed. It’s that dieting just sets you up for disappointment. It uses force to get your vulnerable inner being to change, and it ignores the real cause of the problem – stress, unhappiness or unresolved trauma.

What you need is not more dieting but more love and appreciation.
The Love Diet - personal weight-loss coaching
And one way to regain your inner sense of love and appreciation is to embark on a course of weight-loss coaching. When you sign up for this life-changing intervention we are going to work together to find out what your body and inner mind are really crying out for. You think you’re looking for more food, but really you’re looking for comfort, reward, consolation or a faithful friend who will never leave you. If we just take away the food you’re going to feel lost, and your inner mind is going to fill that lost feeling with even more food.

Aren’t you tired of doing that?

Good, so let’s do some coaching. But please be aware – this is not about putting you on a diet, it’s about looking deeply at the real issues that are causing you to reach for the drug of food. Yes, it is a drug, and the first step to getting free of it is to realise that you’re hooked. And it’s not because you’ve done anything wrong – it’s just the way your mind has chosen to deal with stress. We all have stress. I have stress. Everybody copes with it in a different way. Yours happens to be with food or not exercising. Big deal. We’ll clear that in a few sessions and get you started on a whole new phase of your life.

Don’t think of it as weight-loss coaching – think of it as success and happiness coaching. The only question is … are you ready for change?

Good, right answer!

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Package of 3 coaching sessions (up to 4 hours live coaching time) = R2350

Money back guarantee: If, after the first session, you feel this is not for you, I will refund the remaining two sessions, no questions asked. We’ve both got to be happy with the relationship for it to work.

Still not sure? Then let’s do a FREE 20-minute phone/Skype call to discuss your challenge and how I might help you. Absolutely no obligations. Let’s see if we can get change happening right from that short phonecall.

Sessions can be conducted live at my office in Kenilworth, Cape Town, or via Skype.

What you get

  • Three sessions of just over 1 hr 15 mins.
  • Clarity on the inner reasons for your weight or food issue
  • Progress on resolving core issues
  • Tools to work on your own and demolish eating triggers
  • The inner peace that comes with being truly listened to and heard
  • Encouragement, gentle challenge and some worthy goals for you to work towards
  • Self-growth and enlightenment
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are finally doing something constructive, wholesome and compassionate about your weight or food issue.

Got questions?

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Looking forward to meeting you 🙂

Russel Brownlee
Transformational coach and author

Package of 3 coaching sessions (up to 4 hours live coaching time) = R2350