Discover true purpose – do The Passion Test

What are you here to do, how can you discover your talents, and how can you bring them into this world despite the challenges? I believe that the quest for true purpose is the most important endeavour we can undertake in our lives. It will keep calling to us until we set out on the journey.

In my own life I have spent many years trying to figure out what it was that I really wanted to do and experiencing high levels of frustration when the paths I chose just didn’t seem to work out. Even some of the things I thought I was passionate about left nothing but a feeling of emptiness when I had achieved them. Eventually, I resolved to do whatever it would take to get to the bottom of what to me was a mystery – how to live a truly passionate life, and how to help others do the same.

It was this quest that led my to hypnotherapy and to coaching, but it really began coming to together when I picked up a copy of The Passion Test by Janet and Chris Attwood and began working through the exercises. Here was a simple method with profound implications. I was hooked. I decided right there that I would love to become a facilitator of this process, and a few months later I was on my way to Rishikesh in India to attend the only facilitator’s training session outside of the US.

“When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life, and only to the extent you are clear.” – Jane Bray Attwood

The Passion Test is a process for helping you get really clear on what your dreams and talents and gifts are so that you can begin the steps of manifesting your destiny. Without clarity the Universe simply doesn’t know what to give you, and you simply don’t know what to give yourself. Doing the Passion Test will bring you clarity on your top five passions, and then it will help you begin manifesting your ideal life by showing you how to work with the power of intention, how to deal with obstacles, and how to make the right decisions whenever you’re faced with a choice, decision or opportunity.

Passion Test facilitation

Buy The Passion Test

I offer Passion Test workshops for groups as well as one-on-one Passion Test coaching sessions. To get the most out of the process I recommend that you first read The Passion Test book, which you can order online. Or you can go to the Passion Test web site and read the blog and other resources.

By the end of a course or individual process, you will have the following:

• clarity on the most important things in your life
• a list of your top 5 passions
• the markers that will let you know when you are living those passions
• an outline of how to take the process forward

You will also understand
• the formula for manifesting whatever you desire
• the 7 principles for living a passionate life
• the one secret that will guarantee you a life filled with passion and fulfillment

And you will discover the answer to common questions such as
• What can I do if I don’t seem to have any passions?
• What do I do next after identifying my top 5 passions?
• How do I reconcile passions that seem to be conflicting?
• What’s the difference between wanting to be a millionaire and wanting to enjoy financial freedom?
• What do I do if I simply don’t have the money to follow my passions?
• Why is it sometimes difficult and challenging to live a passionate life – what about following your bliss?

So … do you hear the call to begin the journey
to a passionate and fulfilled life?

I used to think that life was about suffering and paying off debts and learning hard lessons, but now I know that that path is merely one option amongst many. There are other ways of growing that involve freedom and discovery and joy and love. Knowledge erases karma. And clarity sets the engine of manifestation in motion.

Contact me for details on workshops and individual sessions, or check the Workshops page. I am available to do presentations to groups, so let me know if you have any opportunities in this regard.