Coach reveals the secret of happiness!

The secret of happiness Be warned …

in this article I am going to give you the answer to every question you have ever asked. I am going to reveal the secret of happiness!

Are you ready?

All right. Let’s begin with what we know: We are all seeking happiness. But for most of us it’s always a happiness deferred. We reach a semblence of it for a while, and then something happens and it’s gone again. And so we set out on the search for that elusive thing that will bring us what we feel we need in order to be happy.
If this is what you are doing, then welcome to the Happiness Trap!

The Happiness Trap is what you fall into when you expect things to always feel good and for your problems to be gone. It’s the belief that where you are right now is not good enough and that you have to achieve something that will give you the right to experience joy.

Positive thinking can’t fix everything

You see, despite what some positive-thought philosophies teach, life will always bring us highs as well as lows. No matter how much we intend and affirm, we are still not going to get everything arranged just the way we want it. And no matter how much positive thinking we do, we are still going to feel sadness, frustration and other troubled states at least some of the time. So if we are attached to things always going our way, we will never be truly happy.

The Indian sage JD Krishnamurti was once asked in front of an audience to reveal the secret to happiness. In a quiet voice, he simply said, “This is my secret: I don’t mind what happens”.

So here it is: The secret of happiness is to let go of trying to control everything that happens and to discover the causeless joy that is always present as your true nature. It is here right now, no matter what difficulties you are facing. You don’t have to do anything to deserve it. You don’t even have to fix your issues or heal your wounds – the causeless joy of your Being is here regardless of your success or failure in these endeavours.

How to experience true happiness

To access the realm of Being and your true self, simply turn your attention from the content of your life – the ‘stuff’ – to that which is noticing everything that occurs. You might like to tune into your breathing as you do this, letting the breath anchor you in the present moment. Notice the natural sense of peace, stillness, joy or strength that is subtly present despite whatever troubles you might be facing. This is your true self.

Now, from this place of original happiness, ask yourself a simple question: What would I love to do? The compassionate wisdom of Being will provide an impulse or intuition that will bring you more of the happiness that you already are. Change will happen, but it will be a reflection of already-existing happiness, not a strategy to get happiness.

So there you have it. The secret of happiness is to not mind what happens. You are already the happiness you seek.

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