What clients have to say about the Inspired approach to coaching, hypnosis, and hypnotherapy

15255271_17593163_0“I did take up the position (in Dubai) and, hard as it was to make the change, I am now settling down in my role well. One question that you made me answer  was what car I see me self driving, to which my response was an AMG. I indeed have one now and you making me say it actually made me realize and believe it!”
Kibe Kamau, Dubai

“I came to see Russel out of sheer desperation with my half-year eczema condition. Two trips to the dermatologist had done absolutely nothing to get rid of it, and by then it was covering most of my body… After just two sessions of EFT with Russel, the eczema is gone! EFT worked like magic, really. I am impressed. It is as if something inside me got rewired, and I cannot thank Russel enough.
Macarena, Cape Town

“Good news…the change in my eating habits has been great. I have been eating healthily and I’ve been going to gym and feeling great. I haven’t been overindulging at all and even feel full after half of a small portion. ”
Fabrizia, Salt River

I originally went to see Russel for deep-seated anger issues that needed to be resolved, which he easily and expertly helped me to release.  Since then I’ve been to see him three times and everytime with astounding results and profound wisdom gained through the experience.  I am typing this as I am getting ready for another session and feel excited wondering what knowledge and wisdom would be gained from this experience.  It is well worth the investment and investigation because what is to gain can not be quantified in rands and cents ever.  Thank you Russel.
, Cape Town

Just to let you know that almost a year has gone by, the 18th of May is my one year anniversary of non-smoking. I managed to complete my first Argus and Two Oceans Half Marathon this year. …Im feeling absolutely fantastic and have gained my true life again. Its wonderful to be rid of the addiction, I still get the craving on the odd occasions but I pray when I have those moments.
Bev, Cape Town

My heartfelt thanks again for getting me to that place of peace I so wanted to live from. It is wonderful to be so at peace, without judgment, just being and being so aware of Love.

Mignonne, Cape Town

I am smoking again, but I’m actually OK! So, our work is not over, but I am in a really good space … perhaps unconscious in the realm of smoking, but very conscious in the realm of LOVE! I have learnt so much from our sessions… Between our sessions & this new love in my life, I cannot even begin to articulate how much my heart has opened up to new realms of love, truly!

Michelle, Hout Bay Cape Town

“Wil net gou vir jou baie dankie sê.  Die naweek het ek weer erg party gehou en nie eens een sigarette op getel nie.  Ek het nie ‘n behoefte daaraan nie en dit voel net wonderlik om lekker asem te kan haal en weer die hardloop aan te pak. Baie dankie vir jou hulp.”
Schalk, Woodstock

“Wow – I am so glad the change has gone so deep. It really is possible.. so don’t doubt it ! I am often amazed at how how small things that happen when we are young can have such an impact in later life. That’s why I do this work, because it goes so deep and is so rewarding.”
Belinda, Rosebank

“I have come back from my holiday … The flying was easy … You have really changed so much in my life, thank you.”
, Cape Town
(fear of flying)

“I’ve been meaning to contact you but things keep on getting in the way. I truly believe that your therapy contributed greatly in helping me to quit smoking. I have stopped smoking – today being my 26th ‘clean’ day, and counting. I feel so free!!!!”
Fransie, Cape Town

“It was totally amazing, no fear, no anxiety and a totally relaxed experience. I chatted on the plane and in airports and can hardly believe it myself. Wow, I am amazed and want to thank you for helping me along the way of the most debilitating fear that stopped me from travelling.”
Bev, Sea Point (Fear of flying)

“Unfortunately, due to a small and horribly insiginificant mistake, I did not get my licence. Fortunately, the hypnosis worked wonders in that I was completely calm and confident behind the wheel. Thank you very much and I will communicate your services to my friends.”
Naomey, Tygervalley (Fear of driving)

I was very impressed with the sessions I had with Russel Browlee. He met all my expectation and there where many. I would recommend him to my family.
John, Zeekoevlei

I thought he was most professional, helpful and cut right to the heart of the problem. With no fuss at all, he loosened up a part of my life that had been cramping me for years. I’m most grateful to him.
Frank, Nairobi