What stops you manifesting success

The 3 Days of Creation – Why Most of Us Fail at Day 2 (and the one insight you need to break through it)

Have you ever been fired up with an idea or vision and run with it for a while, only to have it crash or meet a whole load of obstacles? Or have you made some kind of powerful transformational change where you really knew that things would be different and that life would get better, only to be hit with more challenges and feel you’re worse off than before?

I’m guessing you’ve answered yes to these questions because, well, you’re human, and what’s happening here is part of the human experience. You see, there’s a vital piece of information that a lot of inspirational speakers and leaders don’t share – and that’s the fact that whenever you make significant change in your life there is always a rebound effect.

Say you’ve done some inner work and have overcome a block to wealth consciousness and you’re really resonating with a new state of abundance. Now you go out into the world with this new resonance and you set things in motion, expecting things to start changing … but nothing happens. Or maybe it changes a bit – you bring in some money or land a deal, but then a week later you get hit with a big expense which takes you back to zero or even into minus territory. Then you get hit with another expense and another, and pretty soon you’re cursing that inner work you did because it’s just made matters worse and, on top  of that, you’re now beating yourself up for being such a failure.

And this is the point where you give up.

And it’s not just you – I’m writing this because I’ve been there countless times, and it’s only now that I’ve had the insight that turns everything around and lets me know I’m not failing. And the insight is this – there’s always a time delay between the imagination of our creation and the manifestation of that creation in physical form. It’s there so we get a chance to think about and confirm that we really do want that outcome. So the Universe doesn’t react to just one thought or to a new state of being … it has a delay. And the delay is so we get the chance to confirm our choice and to deepen our commitment to it as we encounter more of the old energy creations or even an intensification of those creations.

Things can get worse before they get better because the system will try to keep things the way they are until we thoroughly, repeatedly and firmly declare that our new frequency is the desired reality.

The 3 Days of Creation

I’ve heard one teacher call this the 3 Days of Creation. Day 1 is when you get all fired up with the new vision and you make powerful inner change. Day 2 is when you get hit with the pushback and you are asked to go deeper into your commitment and to affirm your new vibration despite the contrary circumstances. Then Day 3 is when the Universe gets the message that you really have changed, and now it brings you the opportunities that match your new frequency. Of course, this is not literally days, it could be hours or days or months – but you get the picture.

Few people tell us about Day 2 and how to get through it. We assume we’re doing something wrong when in fact our apparent failure is a sign we’re on the right track. The Universe is just saying “Are you sure about this? Can you hold the vibration of abundance even when you smash your car or get a big tax bill?”

Because that’s what the greater part of us wants – the ability to hold a resonance, a vibration, despite the circumstances. Mastery is about holding the resonance of wealth, health and love no matter what is happening in our lives. If we can do this we are truly “being in the world but not of the world”. The goal is not to get more stuff, it’s to feel that we have infinite abundance and health no matter what stuff we have or don’t have. This is the test of Day 2 of creation. If you pass it, you go on to Day 3 where you see evidence of your new-found belief and resonance.

Pick up your dreams again

So now, what dream have you given up on because you misinterpreted obstacles and setbacks as evidence of your failure rather than your success? What would you love to do now that you know these setbacks are simply part of the confirmation and deepening process?

Take a step right now in the direction your heart is leading, and welcome the trouble when it comes. It’s telling you you’re on the right path. It’s challenging you to claim your success now, before you see any evidence of it in the world.

Can you do that? Great!