Yoga on the lawn at Fynbos Estate, Malmesbury

Yoga and coaching retreat a great success!

My good friend Yogi Johann invited me to be part of a yoga retreat he organised, and I thought it would be the ideal place to try out some of the processes from my book The Discovery of Causeless Joy on a live audience.

And judging from the reactions of participants, it was a great success. Within a short while everyone was relaxing into an experience of Being, or what I call Essence. Essence is revealed when we stop trying to fix things and improve ourselves and just tune into what is here right now. When we befriend our neuroses, our failures, our negativity, we experience a deep welcoming and a sense of homecoming. We are OK, no matter what appearances and circumstances are telling us. This is the causeless joy I have written about. It is a joy, peace and abundance that has no cause and cannot be lost or owned. It is our true nature.

Here’s a video Johann made from one of my talks.

PS.. The venue, Fynbos Estate near Malmesbury, is an absolute dream location. A big, old farmhouse with huge, cool rooms and a grand expanse of soft lawn. We made a yoga studio in a barn that also housed some wine barrels. And yes, they are full of real wine.

Yogi Johann with wine vats and yoga mats

Yogi Johann with wine vats and yoga mats

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